Arcane Assault

Arcane Assault

June 9th, 2075 – Denver Times

Citizens of Denver, before you get home tonight, please, buy some extra locks and supplies to fortify your home. The continued assault of the Awakened on our fair city has grown worse today by leaps and bounds. In a brazen display of menace earlier this evening, a street-skirmish between the local chapters of the Ghost Wolves and an as-yet unidentified gang erupted outside Blackbird Park. All told, there were five fatalities and fourteen casualties after the altercation was over. Luckily, three of those dead were confirmed members of the Ghost Wolves, reducing the swollen ranks of the Awakened Underground movement, and making Denver that much safer.

Tragically, however, the innocent bystanders in this fight included a number of families that had gathered in the park for a recreational picnic. The two civilian fatalities were two employees of Aztechnology, and were barely survived by their spouses and children, also ranking among the casualties. Those surviving were taken to medical facilities and expect to make full recoveries.

When asked for comment, the local branch of Lone Star said, “Get yourself screened and registered for magical ability. If you suspect there may be magical activity in your neighborhood, please notify the nearest authorities and secure your residence. If you see someone who is Awakened, do not interact with them.”

From the descriptions provided by witnesses at the scene, it seems that another Awakened gang is responsible for the mayhem, with signs pointing towards the Scorpion Kings. The Scorpion Kings have long held a tight grip on the area around Blackbird Park.

I think we need to help Lone Star out on this one. Those mages are nothing but trouble.

Really? Clockwork? Really?


Arcane Assault

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